Discover your True Self with deep Soul Retrieval & activation of the Third Eye: A Journey of Self-Discovery, Expansion, Joy and inner Peace
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Your Invitation to Soul Retrieval

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The Invitation

Do you want to come back to your True Self? Join me on this deep journey of Soul Retrieval. With Love Linda Adesh
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Soul Retrieval, Trauma Healing & Human Empowerment

Warm welcome to Soul Retrieval & Human Empowerment Course This is an introduction to the deep journey that you have just embarked on.

What's included?

Welcome to the Soul Retrieval & Human Empowerment course! 
Here you will find everything you need to understand and practice soul retrieval, with the guidance and support of Linda Adesh.

Have you ever felt a sense of emptiness or disconnection from your true self? 
This can be a result of soul loss, which occurs when fragments of our soul become trapped in the past or present due to traumatic experiences or events in our lives. The result is a diminished sense of well-being and a feeling of unbalanced suffering.
Soul retrieval is a powerful healing practice that aims to restore balance and well-being to individuals who have experienced soul loss. In this course, you will learn the principles and techniques of soul retrieval, including the benefits and potential outcomes of the practice.

What you'll learn
• Learn about yourself and why soul loss occurs
• Learn how to clear your Luminous field from past difficulties
• Learn how to heal from traumatic experiences
• Learn how to reclaim your soul & perform Soul Retrieval
• Learn how to Open a Sacred Space with Ascended Masters
• Learn how to activate your Third Eye
• Learn how to empower your human system
• Learn the detailed steps of Soul Retrieval
• Learn how to continuously heal yourself
• Lear how to deepen your connection with your soul and the divine
What is Soul Retrieval?
During the course of a human life, our physical, mental, emotional, and soul bodies may experience trauma and difficult situations that can lead to soul loss. This can result in an unbalanced and suffering existence. If you find yourself neglecting your inner truth, struggling with focus, feeling powerless, having difficulty coping with life, living in the past or future, or experiencing negative thoughts and overreactions, this may be a sign of a fragmented soul. This course will help you restore and empower yourself through the healing process.
If you find yourself to be:

  • Neglecting your inner truth
  • Lacking inner inspiration and purpose
  • Struggling with focus
  • Feeling powerless
  • Having difficulty coping with life
  • Living in the past or future
  • Experiencing negative thoughts
  • Overreacting
  • Having a sense of emptiness & disconnection

This may be a sign of a fragmented soul.  This course will help you restore and empower yourself through the healing process.
This online course provides guidance, instructions and support to clear out and release what is not yours, and bring back your soul to live a fulfilling and strong human life. A natural state of human life is harmonious, characterized by joy, peace and inspiration.
Following the training, you will have the tools to continue practicing soul retrieval on your own.

No prior knowledge or requirements necessary. Basic understanding of spiritual healing is helpful but not required. You will learn everything you need to know to work with soul retrieval on your own.
Who is this course for?
  • Those who want to live a fulfilled life, be true to their inner self, and empower themselves
  • Those seeking a deep soul connection and embodiment of their unique soul capacity
  • Important: This training is for you that has the capacity to hold yourself through the healing process. If you have deep depression or are deeply unbalanced, then It's recommended for you to seek for 1 to 1 professional sessions instead.

1. Introduction
  • Introduction to Soul Retrieval
  • Presentation of Linda Adesh

2. Signs of Soul Loss
This module focuses on helping you understand the signs and symptoms of soul loss, and how it can negatively impact your daily life. You will be introduced to the concept of fragmentation of the soul and how it affects the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies. The module includes exercises and practices that help track life trauma and its impact on the human system. By the end of this module, you will have a better understanding of how to identify and address soul loss, and take the first steps towards reclaiming your soul.

3. Why do you experience Soul Loss
  • Self-Awareness and Understanding
  • Trauma from Past Lives and Current Life
  • Tracing Life Trauma through a Guided Exercise
  • Understanding the Impact of a Fragmented Soul on the Human System

4. Where does the Fragmented Soul go?
You will learn about the fragmented soul and have an experience of where the fragmented soul is kept until the human system is ready to embrace the hurtful event.

5. Recap Luminous Soul Body & Activation Third Eye
  • Understanding the Connection between Chakras and the Soul Body
  • The Merkaba - the Light Vehicle of Transformation
  • Clearing Your Energy Field: A Guide to Aura Cleansing

6. Steps for Retrieving the Lost Soul
This module provides an overview of the process for reclaiming one's lost soul and restoring balance and fulfillment in life. It covers the essential steps to be taken and practices to be followed in order to facilitate a successful soul retrieval.

7. Full Soul Retrieval Ceremony including Opening a Sacred Space & Ascended Masters
 7.1. Trust your intuition
In the retrieval work follow you own inner guidance without judging or questioning what wants to come. You don't have to follow my movements or be restricted to my guidance. Your higher self might come with new things to you like mantras, voice, movements. trust what comes to you
7.2. Creating a Sacred Space and connecting to Divine Support
  • How to open a sacred space around and within
  • Accessing the Highest Levels of Divine Assistance
7.3. Soul Retrieval Ceremony
  • Connect with your Soul and Awakening the Third Eye
  • Reclaiming your soul
  • Techniques for Activation and Initiation
  • Exploring Deep Soul Healing

7.4. Integration phase
  • Give yourself time to integrate. It could be valuable for you to make notes of your experience
  • Bring self love to what ever has appeared or can come in the integration phase for you

8. Instant Soul Retrieval through altered states of consciousness
  • A direct approach with no preparation required to reunite with your soul 
  • Connecting with your Soul and Awakening the Third Eye
  • Reclaiming your soul
  • Techniques for Activation and Initiation
  • Exploring Deep Soul Healing

9. Empowering the Human Experience
Regain Your Full Human Potential

10. Closing words
Indicators of Embodying the Soul
Practice on your own

11. BONUS - connect with your soul
- Deep Soul Meditation: connect with your soul and find deep sense of recovering
- Discovering more about human body, mind, emotions and the soul body

With Love, 
Linda Adesh Awakening School
Owner of Kärra Ashram,

Our students love this

One big wow. I had no expectation but something has started for real. Just full of trust and love.

Andrea Leal

I'm blessed and grateful to be on this journey, giving myself the possibility and opportunity.

Awakening, my inner light and truth in a loving and caring held space.

Anna Porle
I feel overfull of yin energy. No need to be the doer. I feel bliss and so grateful to mirror Linda and the other women.

Sanna Li Messo
This training was an adventure. I learnt a lot about myself, sacred geometry and healing practices. Adesh has a brilliant mind and a wonderful way of making all in her company feel lifted up. I'm so glad she has decided to share her wisdom with others.
Amber Golding

The Spiritual Teacher & Owner of Kärra Ashram
Linda Adesh

25 years of experience
Linda Adesh * Shaman of Light

Spiritual Teacher 
Psychic Medium, Shaman and Therapist
Through Adesh’s own life experiences and over 25 years of spiritual work she decided to share with and coach others on the way to their awakening. Adesh has experienced several awakened moments in her life. Through documentation, channeling and live trainings this material is now ready to be shared with others online.
The transmission and sharing is based on:
Her own awakening steps
Her contact with her Soul family - The Andromeda and other dimensions that she cooperates with
Years of practice, teachings and learnings from masters from all over the world
Her time with the Shipibo people in the Amazonas and the teachings from the plant spirits

  • Psychic Medium
  • Reiki Healing I&II 
  • Yoga Teacher
  • Family Constelation
  • Teacher A Course in Miracles
  • Workshop with Shamans in Peru
  • Increase your consciousness - 1 year with shamans
  • Deployed Craniosacral Therapist, includes several courses
  • Basic Medicine University
  • Life Coach - Coach2Coach
  • Master NLP Powerthinking Therapist
  • Basic Psychology University
  • Masters of Business Administration
  • Internal consultant in leadership and business development
  • Miscellaneous other educations in leadership & culture

With Love
Linda Adesh at
Owner of Kärra Ashram,

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