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Awakening Training
Taking the Leap

Who are you?
And what can you become?

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1 Welcome to Taking the Leap
2 Presentation Linda Adesh
3 Introduction to Reading Materials
4 The Story / Meditation
5 Why Awakening
6 Your Conditioning / Clear Distortions
7 Heal your Conditioning / Meditation
8 13 Soul qualities / Rays of Light
9 Ascended Masters Consciousness
10 Ascended Masters Meditation
11 Crystal Palace Instruction
12 Crystal Palace Initiation
13 Meet your Higher Soul / Meditation
14 Meet your Higher Soul Practice
15 Extra Video - Opening a sacred space
16 Closing
17 Monthly Live Webinar

Special offer Taking The Leap

Use promo code Launchoffer

Online Course & Monthly live webinar

Theory, practice, initiation & meditation

16 Videos
4 hours in total. In your own pace

Reading material & assignments

Expert insight from Linda Adesh

Your Invitation to Taking The Leap

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What's included?

Do you want to understand more about your own nature, your perception of reality and how to break free from restrictive conditioning? Yes, then this training is for you! You don’t need any experience. All you need is to be open to explore what is behind the imprinted reality. Taking this online awakening training means stepping out of the cage, cracking the eggshell, rebirth to your true self.

This will be the journey to live an awakened life and to connect with your soul purpose.

The training is a result of my experience of being caught in the human system, living in an illusionary self, and my longing to remember who I am. For me it has been like hearing a bell and waking up.

In Taking The Leap, I invite you to come into contact with your own information system bringing you to the remembrance of who you are. You will also integrate and activate your own crystal palace within. 
Taking into consideration the present human challenges, we will heal our mental-, emotional-, body- and lower soul- system to enter into a new phase. This step supports you to be able to integrate new qualities in your daily life.

Considering all aspects of your system will bring you into full contact with your higher self, allowing you to operate on a dimension of higher consciousness, aligned with your ascendant master team and the divine.
The 12+1 Ascendant master information system is hidden within the ancient Flower of Life pattern and is the blueprint of the universe. For example, think of Jesus and the 12 disciples coming together as one, the divine feminine consciousness.

  • What is in the way of remembering who you really are 
  • The awakening process 
  • The human distortion and where it comes from
  • Find any leakages in your own system and heal your system
  • Deepen your expression of the 13 soul qualities 
  • Integrate and learn about your 12+1 Ascended master team
  • Practice and integrate the soul qualities
  • Crystal palace initiation, the trinity flame activation, includes Heart portal & Pineal gland activation
  • Deepen your contact with your higher self 
  • Shifting your reality to explore your divine soul
  • Learn to channel your true self 
  • Invoke your true essence into your life 
  • Invoke humbleness toward all life
  • The work we will do allows us to throw out the old operating system, piece by piece, and update yourself with a new coded operating system

    Learning experience will be done through;
  • My transmission, sharing and guidance
  • Different practices to come into your full capacity
  • Constellations / family constellation
  • Ceremony
  • Meditation
  • Clearing of distortions
  • Your own Initiations, Activations & Invocations, includes a 21 day beautiful practice
  • Own practice and studies of Training material
  • Playfulness and joy

    The 13 soul qualities and information system is:
  • Power - Energy & strength​
  • Wisdom - Acceptance & allowance
  • Love - Compassion & love for oneself​
  • Truth - Inner knowing & being aligned with the intuition
  • Peace - Present & meditative state
  • Grace - Clearance of Karma & being of service 
  • Freedom - Open to change & responsibility 
  • Harmony - Harmonisation of soul and body, no ego
  • Creation/ Purpose - Express oneself from divine
  • Awareness/Clarity - Be aware in every moment 
  • Unconditional Love - Merge masculine and feminine energy
  • Oneness/ Joy - Rebirth/no gender of source     

    You are also invited to the Awakening Community with monthly Live Webinar about the awakening and Q&A, guided by Linda Adesh

Our students love this

One big wow. I had no expectation but something has started for real. Just full of trust and love.

Andrea Leal

I'm blessed and grateful to be on this journey, giving myself the possibility and opportunity.

Awakening, my inner light and truth in a loving and caring held space.

Anna Porle
I feel overfull of yin energy. No need to be the doer. I feel bliss and so grateful to mirror Linda and the other women.

Sanna Li Messo
This training was an adventure. I learnt a lot about myself, sacred geometry and healing practices. Adesh has a brilliant mind and a wonderful way of making all in her company feel lifted up. I'm so glad she has decided to share her wisdom with others.
Amber Golding

The Spiritual Teacher
Linda Adesh

25 years of experience
Linda Adesh * Shaman of Light
Spiritual Teacher
Psychic Medium and Therapist
Through Adesh’s own life experiences and over 25 years of spiritual work she decided to share with and coach others on the way to their awakening. Adesh has experienced several awakened moments in her life. Through documentation, channeling and live trainings this material is now ready to be shared with others online
The transmission and sharing is based on:
Her own awakening steps
Her contact with her “home dimension” - The Andromeda and other dimensions that she cooperates with
Years of practice, teachings and learnings from masters from all over the world
Her time with the Shipibo people in the Amazonas and the teachings from the plant spirits
  • Increase your consciousness - 1 year with shamans
  • Psychic Medium
  • Reiki Healing I&II Customer
  • Yoga Teacher
  • Family Constellator
  • Teacher A Course in Miracles
  • Workshop with Shamans in Peru
  • Deployed Craniosacral Therapist, includes several courses
  • Basic Medicine University
  • Life Coach - Coach2Coach
  • Master NLP Powerthinking Therapist
  • Basic Psychology University
  • Masters of Business Administration
  • Internal consultant in leadership and business development
  • Miscellaneous other educations in leadership & culture

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